andrea varalli


I've always been passionate and curious about how things function, how they are built, what's the design process behind them, how do people feel interacting with them. This passion has led me to become a designer.

I design digital experiences and services.

I live and work in NYC where I have been advising Fortune 500 companies as a Creative Director and Experience Designer. Although my main focus is digital, I was also involved with other types of projects - among other things I created a consumer brand ( from the ground up: concept, identity, communications and stores.

I never stop thinking about designing experiences, and strategies, and I am constantly inventing, evolving, advising and pitching ideas to potential clients and partners.

besides work

I love swimming, especially in the ocean. I swam 17 miles from Manhattan to Sandy Hook, did a double crossing of the Messina straight and, in 2015 I swam from Lanai to Maui in Hawaii.
I like music, almost all kinds of music. Guitars have always been present in my life and I play classical guitar every day. My audience is pretty much limited to my 3 year old nephew or my wife and family.
I have a particular passion for mechanical watches. I like to collect iconic, simple and un-complicated watches and vintage chronographs. I see true beauty in watchmaking.

If you want to get in touch, or need my professional help, please contact me through one of the channels below.